Meaningful and actionable Public Health surveillance data.

Exactly the way you need it.

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ICNet Enterprise Monitor is an integrated Public Health disease surveillance, outbreak management and mass vaccination management software solution. As a highly customisable and evolving solution, it can meet your country’s current and future Public Health needs.

Implement ICNet Enterprise Monitor quickly and efficently

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Web Portal:

Convenient data entry for organisations without clinical software


Seamless information exchange with other data sources i.e. Electronic Health Records and Clinical Surveillance Software


Automatic upload in facilities with ICNet software

Examples of components include Registry Functions, Point Prevalence Surveys, Population Disease Management

Actionable Reporting

Dashboards for rapid assessment

Reporting at national level for a comprehensive perspective; case level for specific details

Efficient Decision Support

Proprietary surveillance tools to support timely, accurate decision-making

Proven Capabilities

The ICNet Enterprise Monitor team has proven capabilities with a network of national systems worldwide, knowledge of global best practices, and an experienced consultancy to quickly and cost efficiently deliver customised software solutions.

Health Quality and Safety Commission New Zealand utilises ICNet Enterprise Monitor for Surgical Site Infection Surveillance

ICNet Enterprise Monitor’s Registry Module for Surgical Site Infection Surveillance for orthopaedic surgery and coronary artery bypass grafting is in use by Health Quality and Safety Commission New Zealand. Results published in the SSII Programme National Orthopaedic Surgery Report demonstrate a statistically significant shift in the median monthly SSI rate between between March 2013 to December 2016.


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