FOR: Antimicrobial Stewardship

Antimicrobial Resistance
Appropriate use of antibiotics in the healthcare environment is a global priority. The ABXAlert software allows real-time monitoring of antibiotic prescribing decisions. A Patient's infection status changes over time. ABXAlert captures those changes. ABXAlert not only analyses the data at the time of prescription, but also during the days and weeks following the initial medication decision.

FOR: Infection Prevention

Healthcare Associated Infections
ICNet is the leading expert provider of infection surveillance software. Independently reviewed as "Fit for Purpose" by the UK Department of Health and with Meaningful Use Certification in the USA, ICNet Next Generation products enable clinicians to go beyond achieving Best Practice and instead achieve "zero" in the fight against healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) .

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Gloucestershire (UNITED KINGDOM) 3 February 2014 – HCA International, the only private hospital...
  • about 129 days agoICNet supports the political push to get antibiotic stewardship high up the international agenda